Zuzanna Gajowiec / Joanna Kesicka 
Zuzanna Gajowiec I am a Clinical Psychologist, Family and  EMDR therapist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) I’ve been practicing psychology and psychotherapy for almost 15 years. During this time, I have been working with various projects, supporting and treating individual...
Zuzanna Gajowiec

I am a Clinical Psychologist, Family and  EMDR therapist,
Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS)

I’ve been practicing psychology and psychotherapy for almost 15 years. During this time, I have been working with various projects, supporting and treating individual clients, providing group therapy and creating and delivering workshops. In 2010 I founded PsychologyHub.

PsychologyHub opened as a private practice supporting adolescents, adults and families in their recovery from a broad range of mental health issues with a particular interest in the treatment of trauma. Throughout the years I have extended my training in different trauma therapy modalities and qualified as an Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapist  (

To ensure the best quality practice and to keep abreast of  relevant new knowledge, I attend regular workshops and conferences with world leading trauma experts. I believe that only after we have the space to heal from past traumas, we gain the potential for change and growth.

In 2013, I started working closely with Lois Bridges Eating Disorders Clinic and developed group programs for Residential and Day Program Clients. I became very passionate about providing best practice care for clients suffering from Eating Disorders drawing from the research-based therapy techniques and cutting-edge neuroscience findings. I help my clients  develop mindful and peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. I regularly supervise my work with Kari Anderson Co-author of the acclaimed book "Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat for Binge Eating"( Working with clients suffering from an Eating Disorder has taught me about the barriers in receiving care, stereotypes and bias that people recovering from eating disorders face daily. This experience helped me to better support and advocate for my clients.

This very rich experience helped me to became APT tutor for clinicians (The Association for Psychological Therapies – UK based training company) and deliver courses for Eating Disorders Professionals in Dublin and for NHS Cumbria. 

In my work I use methods from various therapeutic approaches considering symptoms as a message and chance for change. My work is based on building empathetic and compassionate relationship and cooperation with clients.

• Member of Psychological Society of Ireland from 2006
• Member of Family Therapy Association of Ireland from 2012
• Member of EMDR Association UK and Ireland from 2015
• Member of International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals from 2019

• 2018 - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Eating Disorders  - APT
• 2016 - Professional Qualification in the Therapeutic use of Mindfulness  
• 2015 - EMDR Professional Qualification Training
• 2006- Psychotherapy Training accredited by Polish Psychiatric Association,  Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland
• 2003 – Polish Ericsonian Institute; Specialisation – work with a patient suffering from neoplasm
• Master of Arts in Psychology (speciality: Clinical Psychology)University of Silesia – Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

Additional training and Conferences Attended:
2019 - Irish National Eating Disorders Conference       
2019 -  NVC Training with Yoram Mosenzon 
2018 - Body Image Conference London
2018 - Trauma Conference Belfast
2018 - Irish National Eating Disorders Conference  Dublin                                                         
2017 - NVC Training
2016 - Irish National Eating Disorders Conference                                                           
2016 - Training "Diagnosis in the therapeutic process"                                                 
2016 - Attachment perspectives on Borderline Personality Disorder
2016 - Assessment and Treatment of Young People who self-harm
2010 – Therapy of Addiction and Co-Addiction– dr Ewa Woydyłło (CKU Dublin)
2010 – Motivational Interviewing with Alcohol and Substance Misuse –Drug Task Force
2010 – Brief Interventions with Alcohol and Substance Misuse –Drug Task Force
2010 – Medical Treatment in Psychotherapy–PPD Dublin
2009 – Metaphorical Language of Dreams – The use of dreams in psychotherapy (Parasol –Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre)
2008 - Depression – A Cognitive Behavioural Approach(PCI College, Dublin)
2008 - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – A Cognitive Behavioural Approach (PCI College, Dublin)
2008- Sociodrama (BPS&PSI Conference)
2008 - Anger Management Workshop (Psychological Society of Ireland)
2004 -Bert Hallinger's System Arranging (Silesian Psychosomatic Centre {SPC})
2004-“When the Body Talks about Needs of the Soul” Working with patients suffering from somatic disorders {SPC}
2004-“Drawing from the Source” Bert Hallinger's System Arranging {SPC}
2004- “Working with patient Suffering from Pain”{SPC}
2003-“Drawing from the Source” Bert Hallinger's System Arranging {SPC}
2003-“In Search of the Spirituality of the Body” {SPC}
2003-“It's only Neurosis...” Therapy of Patients with Anxiety and Somatic Disorders {SPC}
2003-“Application of Hypnosis in Treating Depression” {SPC}
2003-“The Family- Roots and Wings” System Arranging {SPC}
2002 – 2003- “Relaxation and Visualization Techniques for Health and Development”
(Upper Silesian Culture Cente {USCC})
2002- “The Harmony of Body and Mind” {SPC}
2001-“Gestalt Emotional Skills Development Workshop” {USCC}

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Joanna Kesicka "I must be a mermaid... I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living. " — Anais Nin In this quote Anais manages to capture the way I strive not only to work, but also live. Hence my drive and motivation to show the same to my clients is vital and comes...
Joanna Kesicka

"I must be a mermaid... I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living." — Anais Nin

In this quote Anais manages to capture the way I strive not only to work, but also live. Hence my drive and motivation to show the same to my clients is vital and comes from within. I am passionate about raising quality of life, growth and development, about reaching deep to discover what is really important, how to free ourselves from not useful and not helpful beliefs that chain us to old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.
I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist who works with a range of different clients, not only individuals but also families, couples, groups and teens. I use Systemic and Narrative Therapy as my theoretical framework. I am also familiar with other approaches such as CBT and  BDT skills, as well as mindfulness.
I am a member of Psychological Society of Ireland and Family Therapy Association of Ireland. I work in Lois Bridges, Clanwilliam Institute, Genesis and Healthpro.
Areas of my specialty include:   Body image issues, Anxiety, Depression,  Eating Disorders, Family of Origin Issues, Stress and Breakdown, Anger Issues, Personal Focus, ASD, Couple relationship, Intimacy Issues, Bereavement, Confidence Building, Self esteem,  and other.

EDUCATION (Third-Level):
2013 – 2016      Clanwilliam Institute, Dublin, MSc in Systemic Psychotherapy
2011 – 2013      Clanwilliam Institute, Dublin, Postgraduate Diploma in Systemic Psychotherapy
1999 - 2005       University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland, Master of Psychology: Clinical Psychology

• Elizabeth Cullen: Exploring the dynamics of attachment in adult life,
• RCC: Working with Issues of Childhood Sexual Abuse, APT: CBT for Eating Disorders, Lois Bridges: DBT and distress tolerance.
• RCC: Offering support in the aftermath of rape and sexual assault,
• Body Whys: Eating Disorder conference,
• CWI: Barry Mason: Enduring ideas and practices in family therapy,
• Introduction to Child Protection, MCM Training, Athy
2008 – 2010:
• Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacotherapy of children and adolescents,
• SFT in use, Therapy of anxiety and somatic symptoms,
• Psychological help and crisis intervention in a life-threatening situations - all conducted by various professionals invited by My Mind - Psychological Centre.

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