Best Practice Inrerventions / Inclusiveness / Compassion

All bodies inclusivity

We pride ourselves on being weight inclusive, non-assumptive and hold a non-binary perspective. We use Health at Every Size Principles.

Non- judgemental stance and Compassion

We believe people always use the best strategies available to them at any given moment. Strategies sometimes can be a source of pain in our lives, but they are not who we really are. We help our clients discover their deepest values and true desires and help them develop strategies that promote cooperation and compassion. 


We understand the challenges of unresolved trauma history and its influence on the functioning of the human brain and emotional regulation. We offer a safe and supportive space to help to overcome it.

Provide tools for change

With more self- awareness, knowledge of the formation of our views and beliefs and how our feelings affect all of that we can then proceed to find ways of regulating our emotions, seek coping strategies and begin to shape new ways of thinking and behaving.

Eclectic style of work

Drawing from our  broad range of training and experience, we combine different modalities to facilitate desired  healing and change. 
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